Monday, 6 February 2012

Lack Of Confidence

This season Chelsea have been very poor. I had hoped for better  results because of Andre Villas Boas's debut. Players like Daniel Sturridge and Juan Mata are being exellent because they have confidence. Sturridge was on loan at Bolton last season and was scoring goals for fun, scoring 8 goals in 12 appearances at only 22 years old. Juan Mata just came from Valencia and he is a complete role model on and off the pitch. Juan Mata has hit the back of the net 8 times and assisted more than anyone can count.

  • Why has Paulo Ferreira played this season?
  • Why is Frank Lampard on the bench?
  • Why did we put Cahill on the bench when we needed him the most?
  • Why has Juan Mata scored more goals than Fernando Torres in 22 minutes and Torres has Played 22 games?
  • Why are the press emphasising the fact that our manager is crouching on the floor?
  • Why has everyone have such disrespect for Andre Villas Boas?
  • Our manager is brilliant - it is just the atmosphere around football that is too intimidating, also why is our owner sacking the manager just because we didn't win the champion league?
This questions reflect what is happening at Stamford Bridge.
  • Maybe if we put effort into play?
  • Maybe if we had a proper game plan?
We might just get somewhere
By the way scoring 3 goals and then throwing it away is just silly especially against Manchester United...

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