Monday, 6 February 2012

Lack Of Confidence

This season Chelsea have been very poor. I had hoped for better  results because of Andre Villas Boas's debut. Players like Daniel Sturridge and Juan Mata are being exellent because they have confidence. Sturridge was on loan at Bolton last season and was scoring goals for fun, scoring 8 goals in 12 appearances at only 22 years old. Juan Mata just came from Valencia and he is a complete role model on and off the pitch. Juan Mata has hit the back of the net 8 times and assisted more than anyone can count.

  • Why has Paulo Ferreira played this season?
  • Why is Frank Lampard on the bench?
  • Why did we put Cahill on the bench when we needed him the most?
  • Why has Juan Mata scored more goals than Fernando Torres in 22 minutes and Torres has Played 22 games?
  • Why are the press emphasising the fact that our manager is crouching on the floor?
  • Why has everyone have such disrespect for Andre Villas Boas?
  • Our manager is brilliant - it is just the atmosphere around football that is too intimidating, also why is our owner sacking the manager just because we didn't win the champion league?
This questions reflect what is happening at Stamford Bridge.
  • Maybe if we put effort into play?
  • Maybe if we had a proper game plan?
We might just get somewhere
By the way scoring 3 goals and then throwing it away is just silly especially against Manchester United...

Friday, 3 February 2012

Return of The Special One?

Hi, sorry I haven't been blogging - it is because of the pressure of preparation for 11+.

I have been surprised by the start of the season as Manchester City have got off to a flying start, but with Manchester United biting at their heels I still think that Manchester United will grab the title. Also I have been impressed by Tottenham. I have been disappointed by Chelsea because I had such high hopes for AVB finally to make Abramovich even hint at a smile. Chelsea have fallen in small games and it has really affected us, but that wasn't really what I wanted to talk about...

I wanted to talk about ... Jose Mourinho - yes, I mean the person whose cat was being troubled and the same person who has - for a first - made up with Abramovich. Mourinho has said in an interview that he will quit Madrid at the climax of the season and he would like to come back to manage Chelsea.

I am happy that he has said this because he was a great manager and he knows what is right and what is wrong. Also maybe finally we will actually have a game plan. Also we will have someone who can actually think and say, "I am not going to waste 7 million pounds on a defender called Gary Cahill, because maybe he will regret coming to this club and it would be embarrassing to have to play David Luiz instead".

Friday, 8 July 2011

Liverpool's Breakthrough

After the signing of Charlie Adam, my friend James Malvern urged me to do something on Liverpool. Here goes. Liverpool have had it tough as a number of poor results left them at 17th place last season with January's transfer market fast approaching - but they turned it around by signing Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez. This brought them up to 6th place. Caretaker manager Kenny Dalglish was then appointed permanent manager for good. With new, rich American owners they are allowed to 'spend big'. They then signed Sunderland's former wonderkid Jordan Henderson and also Blackpool's key man Charlie Adam. The combination of Dalglish and the big bucks make the Reds a force to be reckoned with next season.

The Chase for Nasri

Samir Nasri has amazingly attracted the top two clubs in the Premier League, Chelsea and Manchester United. As I am a Chelsea supporter, I won't dwell on Man U, but I will talk about Chelsea hopefully getting Samir Nasri. I can imagine Chelsea wiping the floor with a stunning bid (well, not too expensive...) that the Red Devils can't match. Just imagine next season's midfielders. Neymar on the left wing, Nasri and Lampard attacking in midfield with Ramires on the right. That would be so good they might even win the champion league - a wild prediction, but anything can happen in football.

Turning now to tennis, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal battled on Centre Court for the £1.1 million prize that goes with the Wimbledon trophy. Djokovic eventually won by 3 sets to 1. For now Novak Djokovic will be thought of as the indisputable world number one, whatever the statistics say - the best tennis player in the world. Yet in his interview he said that he had always dreamed of winning Wimbledon, not of becoming the world's best player. There's a lesson in there somewhere.

Monday, 4 July 2011

The Captain's Armband

John Terry will stay as captain of Chelsea. There have been some silly rumours that he won't. Andre Villas Boas said in an interview that he is a successful captain of his club and his country. In my opinion John  Terry is amazing - and if he does get stripped of the armband then I'll have to think twice about supporting Chelsea. Come on! Stop spreading stupid rumours. It's not fair on the coaching staff or the managers. Football is a beautiful game. Don't ruin it with through lack of sportsmanship and loyalty.

Thursday, 30 June 2011


Finally the new manager is with us! He is Andre Villas Boas. Okay, you've never heard of him. He probably doesn't even speak English. That's what a lot of people thought... that we'd probably have one long season ahead of us. Broken English and broken promises. But I've done some research. He won four trophies last season with Porto, and he won the league with Porto by 21 clear points above second place - and he IS FLUENT in English! He is a "cultured" man and probably speaks English better than a lot of his critics. But let's see if he can speak some good sense at Stamford Bridge - and bring in some fresh Blue Blood, starting maybe with:

1. Neymar, from Santos
2. Luka Modric, from Tottenham
3. Romelu Lukaku, from Anderlecht
4. Carlos Tevez, from Manchester City
5. Kaka, from Real Madrid
6. Wesley Sneijder, from Inter Milan.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Champion League Next Season

Next season the Champion League will be tough as Chelsea once again fight for the title with Barcelona making a total fool out of everyone they face. Arsenal will hope to avoid Barcelona after they have been knocked out this season and the last season by them. By the way, I am still laughing at how Nicklas Bendtner says he is the best striker in the world...