Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Managers: So You Think You Know Best?

Everyone thinks managers know best - or worst. Well here is what I think. Arsene Wenger: Everyone thought that Arsene Wenger completely got his tactics wrong in the Carling Cup final,when they lost 2-1 to Birmingham.The thing is if that silly goal hadn't gone in and Arsenal had won in extra time, or on penalties, than we would have been saying he is amazing.Then he masterminded Barcelona - in the first leg of their big clash. Sir Alex Ferguson: Sir Alex is sometimes known for his lengthy touchline bans for arguing with the referee after matches. He also sometimes swears at the TV. But in spite of these bad things, he's a brilliant manager. Carlo Ancelotti: He has got potential with his managing - and his left eyebrow!!!! Roberto Mancini: he always looks like he has ants in his pants on the touchline whilst shouting orders to his terrified Manchester City squad. Sometimes it's effective, sometimes not.

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